Workforce health with intelligence, not intuition

We get a good pulse on health care’s trajectory with tools and resources like accurate analytics, claims data and population health management. Together, these elements help us create better benefits and effective programs for the employees of today, and of tomorrow as well.

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Behavioral health

Helping employees maintain emotional wellness

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Care management

One way we're managing chronic conditions

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Diabetes prevention

Reducing the risk of Type 2 diabetes

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Medication management

Keeping meds and costs in check

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Preventive care

Prevention and early detection of conditions

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Helping employers see their workforce health

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Wellbeing Hub

A personalized wellbeing dashboard designed for all employees

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Take the stress out of your workplace

One lost employee in a skilled position costs employers 20% of their annual salary*

*Center for American Progress (2012)

Work smarter, not harder to keep your employees healthy.

Download Heath Insurance Solutions for the Savvy Employer to learn more about how we’re helping Michigan employers understand and improve their population’s health.

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