PriorityHSA plans

We have plans for savings-minded employers that work with health savings accounts (HSA). The tax-advantaged savings can help your employees pay for medical expenses throughout the year, including help in meeting their deductible. And with Cost Estimator, our cost transparency tool, members can view and shop for the cost of health care services so they can make the smart choice in cost management.

HSA plans explained

Plan highlights

  • $10 Virtual care services covered after deductible
  • Chronic Condition coverage – Select services, supplies, and prescription drugs to treat chronic conditions, as allowed by the IRS, are covered at a cost-share before deductible
  • Diabetic coverage – Certain diabetic supplies purchased through a participating DME provider are covered at 100% after deductible and preferred insulins are covered at the Tier 1b prescription drug cost share
  • Chiropractic care – Covers up to 30 acute and/or maintenance care visits per contract year
  • FREE banking partner – Our partner HealthEquity®, the leader in HSA banking, helps your employees set up and manage their HSA account. We’re one of the few carriers in Michigan offering this service at no cost to employers or members
  • Options to make tax-deductible HSA contributions – while no employer contributions are required, research shows when employers make contributions, employees are more likely to as well, helping ensure funds are available for out-of-pocket medical expenses, now or in the future. 
  • Hearing exams and discounts on high-quality hearing aids – Offered by our partner, TruHearing. Learn more
  • Cash rewards – Our Cost Estimator tool lets members shop for high-quality care at lower-cost facilities. Best of all, when members shop for and receive care at a fair-price facility, we’ll send them a Visa® reward card
  • Optional dental coverage – Two Delta Dental PPO/Premier plans to choose from, both include annual exams and cleanings. Learn more
  • No referral needed – Our plans don’t require a referral to see a specialist

Learn how PriorityHSA works

Our PriorityHSA high-deductible health plan can be paired with an HSA or stand alone. 

Select the right network for your employees

Still not sure?

HMO plans

PriorityHMOSM is our most popular health coverage option. It focuses on what’s most important: health and wellness, managing medical costs and ensuring employees receive all the necessary services they need.

  • It provides lower costs, but with limited coverage outside the plans' network of participating providers.
  • While out-of-network care is not covered, in-network benefits are provided only if a member has chosen a primary care physician (PCP).
  • Under this plan, members can also visit any specialist in our network without a referral.

POS plans

PriorityPOSSM plan benefits employers who are looking for the flexibility of a traditional health plan but need the cost savings of managed care.

  • A hybrid of HMO and PPO plans, our POS offering can designate an in-network primary care provider (PCP) while also covering outside services at a slightly higher out-of-pocket cost.
  • Similar to HMO, members are also required to have a PCP to receive in-network benefits.

PPO plans

PriorityPPOSM offers employees the greatest freedom of choice by providing in-network and out-of-network options.

  • Employers reap the benefits of a low-cost health care plan, while employees can choose to see Priority Health network providers and pay less or visit non-network doctors or hospitals and pay more.
  • It lets members receive in-network benefits without having a designated primary care provider (PCP).

West MI Partners network

Our tiered network HMO plan is available to small employers within a 13 county area and includes our Tier 1 health systems - Spectrum Health, Holland Hospital, Metro Health and Bronson Healthcare.

Tier 1 offers lower deductibles, out-of-pocket limits and cost- sharing than Tier 2 – saving employees health care costs and employers on premiums.