Package 2

Package Two helps employers enhance existing wellbeing cultures, or cultivate new ones, with consultative advice and additional support to increase engagement including health assessment, incentives and exclusive personalized content distributed on our Wellbeing Hub. This package is ideal for 50+ wellbeing eligible members.

Package includes:

Consultative support

  • Employer toolkit – promote health and wellbeing to your employees with signage and marketing collateral.
  • Consultation – we’ll work together to understand your company culture and business challenges to meet you where you’re at and consult with you to create the best wellbeing experience you can offer your employees.
  • Designated wellbeing consultant – your consultant is available to support you however you may need it.
  • Cultural assessment – measure your organization’s readiness to engage in a wellbeing program.
  • Employee interest survey – lets your employees help shape your wellbeing program by indicating services they’re interested in and willingness to participate.

Wellbeing Hub member experience

  • Company-branded – opportunity to include your organization’s branding on the platform.
  • Health assessment – measures employees’ current health and lifestyle issues before costly treatment is required.
  • Tailored content and tools – as employees engage, the platform will further tailor information to offer a truly personalized experience.
  • Incentive management – incent your employees to improve their health and wellbeing.
  • Online education classes – provide your employees with information and tips they need to make lasting changes. Two included per year.
  • Physical activity challenges – competitions, activities and wellbeing education that help employees improve their health. Two included per year.
  • Web-based group programs – online programs to engage your employees. One included per year.
  • ProChange smoking cessation program – available for an additional cost. Provide education and support for your employees to quit smoking.

Health support

The following health support services are available at an additional cost:

  • Preventive exam verification
  • Physician documentation form and/or biometric screening
  • On-site finger-stick biometric screening
  • Flu shot clinic

Health coaching

Gives employees the information, guidance and encouragement they need to set and attain realistic health goals. The following services are available at an additional cost:

  • Group health coaching
  • Telephonic health coaching
  • Telephonic maintenance
  • On-site health coaching

On-site support

Our integrated teams work together to provide you with a roadmap to a successful wellbeing plan, get your program started and support you along the way – including on-site support. The following services are included with your package:

  • On-site education classes – two included per year.
  • Event presence at your health fair – four hours included per year.

The following services are available at an additional cost:

  • Event presence with blood pressure or biometric screening
  • Enhanced event presence with a presentation
  • On-site staff

Robust reporting

  • Monthly reporting on engagement – details on employee engagement in your wellbeing program and the platform/tools available.
  • Health assessment – aggregate reporting to give you a high-level picture of your employee’s overall health.
  • Rewards participation and completion – names of employees who participate and complete rewards programs.
  • Health assessment participation – names of employees who completed the health assessment within the required timeframe.
  • Biometric participation – names of employees who participate and complete biometric programs.
  • Year-end evaluation – combines member satisfaction and feedback regarding the health assessment, biometric screenings, challenges and programs throughout the year.
  • Population health wellness report – combines information from health assessments, biometric screenings and physician-reported lab results (when available) to identify potential risks among employees, assess cost drivers, provide targeted program recommendations that drive lasting behavior changes and assess presenteeism and absenteeism costs.
  • Custom reporting – a bundle of five hours to be used on reporting to further drive your program engagement and participation.