Prescriptions are expensive. And costs are expected to rise.

So we keep a close eye on pharmacy costs—forecasting trends and rising prices to help curb them with comprehensive programs and solutions.

We’re also doing more in the prescription management space to optimize your employees' regimens without hindering their health, while reducing the costs for both you and your employees.

Pharmacy is 20% of all health care costs nationally.

Integrating pharmacy and medical benefits equates to:

  • 9% fewer inpatient admissions
  • 28% more chronic conditions managed
  • 4% fewer ER visits
  • 11% overall lower medical costs 

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    95% of pharmacy costs are driven by chronic and complex conditions.

    So, all of our plans include care management services to help employees create and accomplish health goals, manage chronic conditions or recover from a recent accident or operation. Which keeps their costs—and yours—under control.

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    Members save an average of $645 per year through our MTM program.

    Our Medication Therapy Management (MTM) program helps employees who take multiple medications for chronic conditions effectively manage their prescription drugs. The program helps ensure your employees aren’t taking meds that can impact or offset the other meds they’re on and can reduce their overall spend.

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    Our cost transparency tool provides costs for hundreds of services and prescriptions.

    Whether at home, the doctor’s office or the pharmacy, our Cost Estimator puts your employees’ costs in plain view.

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Medication Therapy Management: A Check Up for Your Prescriptions

Have your medications had their yearly check up? Medication Therapy Management will take the guess work out of managing your prescriptions and supplements.