Priority Health tiered network plans for large groups

Our tiered networks plan are an ideal solution if your employees live, work and play within select counties in Michigan. In a tiered network, employees pay less out-of-pocket for care from tier 1 health care providers, but they can go to tier 2 providers as well.

High quality, lower cost, great coverage everywhere

The hospitals and primary care providers in the tier 1 network offer high quality, and your employees will pay less using them.

Whether your employees are traveling or at home, emergency services outside of this plan's limited network are covered.

Use our Find a Doctor online directory to find providers in the West MI Partners network.

Compatible plans

A tiered network is compatible with most of our large group plans:

  • Traditional
  • Tiered copay
  • Copay align
  • PriorityValueSM
  • PriorityHSASM

Explore our tiered network options