HealthbyChoice Incentives

Choose HealthbyChoice® Incentives when:

  • Your goal is to raise awareness of healthy behaviors and incent employees to get engaged in their health
  • You want Priority Health to set the requirements and administer the reward program
  • You want your employees to immediately be rewarded with lower out-of-pocket costs and deductibles and give them an incentive to keep those benefits by meeting the requirements within 90 days

Encourage your employees to make healthy choices

HealthbyChoice Incentives helps you reduce your health care costs by raising awareness of healthy behaviors and rewarding employees who get engaged in improving their health.

You're rewarded with healthier, more productive employees. Your employees will be rewarded with lower out-of-pocket costs and deductibles after they meet the program requirements or show measurable improvement.

HealthbyChoice Incentives features & advantages

  • Priority Health sets the requirements and administers the rewards program
  • Two benefit levels: Choice and Standard (higher copays, deductibles, coinsurance) 
  • All new employees start at Choice level with lower out-of-pocket costs and deductibles
  • You give them the incentive to keep Choice level by having them meet program requirements within their first 90 days
  • Both the employee and covered spouse (if applicable) must qualify to keep the Choice level
  • Children do not need to meet the requirements; they will be covered at the parents' level.
  • HMO, PPO or POS plan designs with several employee cost-sharing levels available
  • Available for groups of any size
  • Online, real-time HealthbyChoice status tracking through each employee's Member Center gives them control over their health.
  • Participants must complete an online health assessment and have their physician document they've met the criteria for 3 key health indicators.
  • If participants don't meet the criteria, they will still qualify for Choice if they complete lab work and agree to their doctor's treatment plan.
  • Free health coaching or condition management for employees and their spouses who don't achieve Choice level
  • You'll receive aggregate reports about your employees' overall performance.