Delta Dental PPOTM/Delta Dental Premier® large group plans

A healthy body starts with a clean mouth

And if your employees have healthy bodies, they'll visit the doctor less and be more productive. So add Delta Dental to your Priority Health medical plan.

Delta Dental PPOTM/Delta Dental Premier® offers:

  • Access to two of the nation's largest dental provider networks: Delta Dental PPOTM and Delta Dental Premier®—more than 94% of licensed dentists in Michigan
  • Discounted fees for service, lowering premium and claims costs
  • No balance billing from dental providers, when using a Delta Dental network provider
  • Medical and dental enrollment and billing from one carrier
  • Split enrollment —allows you to offer dental coverage for family members, even if they’re not covered on the medical plan

Funding options

  • Contributory plans allow you and your employees to share the cost of dental coverage.
  • Voluntary plans have your employees pay 100% of their dental benefits.
  • Non-voluntary plans have employers pay 100% of the cost.

How it works

Fully funded employers with two or more employees or self-funded employers with 25+ employees offer dental coverage in addition to medical coverage through Priority Health.

Who manages what

Priority Health will manage:

  • Member enrollment
  • Billing

Delta Dental will manage:

  • Explanation of benefits and other plan documents
  • Network management
  • Claims administration and reporting
  • Customer service