Good hearing is important to workforce health. That’s why we offer access to TruHearing®, a comprehensive hearing care solution. Priority Health members and their extended family will receive access to discounts on hearing exams and high-quality hearing aids, saving them 30–60 percent off hearing services. Details of the program include:

State-of-the-art technology

  • The latest technology from top hearing aid manufacturers
  • Hearing solutions for virtually every type of hearing loss
  • Significantly lower prices on the same models sold at retail locations

Personalized care

  • Guidance and assistance from a TruHearing hearing consultant
  • Local, professional care from an accredited provider in your area
  • A hearing exam plus three follow-up visits for fitting and adjustments

Help along the way

  • A worry-free purchase with a 60-day risk-free trial and 3-year warranty
  • 80 free batteries per aid included with non-rechargeable models
  • Guides to help adapt to new hearing aids

Plus, TruHearing offers an online hearing screening tool.

How it works

  1. Connect with a hearing consultant. When individuals call TruHearing, they’ll be assigned a dedicated hearing consultant who will answer questions about hearing aid options, programs, products and pricing. The hearing consultant will also locate a highly qualified TruHearing audiologist or hearing instrument specialist near the individual and will set up a hearing exam appointment.
  2. Visit a TruHearing provider. The office visit will be much like visits with other healthcare providers and specialists. In approximately 45 minutes, the TruHearing provider will conduct a comprehensive hearing exam then review and discuss the results with the individual. If the diagnosis requires treatment with hearing aids, the provider will consult with the individual about their options, including specifics on products, technology levels, costs and styles. The provider will take care of ordering the hearing aids from TruHearing.
  3. Get off to a successful start. A few days after ordering, the individual will return to the provider for their hearing aid fitting. The provider will custom program and adjust the hearing aids to the individual’s hearing loss. They’ll also receive two additional follow-up visits for further adjustments to make sure ther investment in better hearing is all that it can be.
  4. Enjoy ongoing support. Every TruHearing purchase comes with a 60-day trial period and comprehensive 3-year warranties. Individuals will also continue to have access to their Hearing Consultant who can answer questions or resolve issues if they come up. Throughout the year, they’ll receive valuable educational information that will help them get the most from their hearing aids. And they'll always have access to special battery pricing with convenient delivery right to their mailbox. 


If you have questions about TruHearing discount program, please contact your independent agent or Priority Health sales representative.