Spread the word about member health benefits

When you address your employees about important matters—they tend to listen. So we’re making it easier for you to get the word out about our tools, solutions and services. Employer toolkits are designed to get your workplace thinking about getting the right care, at the right time, in the right place—at the right cost.

Toolkits include printed and digital content such as posters, ads, cafeteria table tents, and other promotional material that you can use around the workplace to help educate employees on the perks of their health plan, including:

  • How to access our behavioral health hotline
  • How to to get the best price on procedures and prescriptions with Cost Estimator
  • How to engage in their health through the Wellbeing Hub
  • When to use virtual, urgent or emergency care through VUE your care

Each toolkit was designed to grab the attention of employees across your campus—raising the value of their benefits in your workplace.