Maximizing employee benefits? There's an app for that.

With the Priority Health app, employees can manage their health plan easier than ever. They can keep track of their spending and claims, use tools cost-saving and wellbeing tools and find in-network doctors—all from their phone or device.

  • Track spending balances to keep budgets in check
  • Search medical procedures and visits to see what’s covered in their plan
  • Learn how costs change based on your plan and deductible using the Benefit Slider
  • Search claims and see a detailed breakdown of care and prescription costs
  • View health insurance plan ID information—and share with providers
  • Set up a video visit and get virtual care,including prescriptions
  • Find in-network doctors, hospitals, labs and more
  • Compare costs of medical procedures and prescriptions with Cost Estimator
  • Get healthy and stay healthy with personalized programs and activities
  • Message experts to get fast answers and help with their plan