What you need to know this AEP


A lot has changed this year and with AEP quickly approaching, here are some housekeeping things you need to know about ordering supplies and where to look for your most-used tools. 

Supply order process

We are no longer using a paper for to order enrollment kits and other materials. You must use this link to request materials or your order will not be received. Make sure to bookmark this link for easy access. Follow directions on the survey carefully to ensure we have everything we will need to fulfill your order and get it to you in a timely manner.

Online agent supply order form

Info brochure

We are not actively marketing our PriorityMedicare, PriorityMedicare Select or PriorityMedicare Merit plans this year. You will notice they are absent from the information brochure. This was done intentionally to make more room to go into more detail on our more popular plans.

Agent toolkit

We have designed a new resource for you this AEP. On Oct. 1, you can expect to find a new Agent Toolkit link in the Medicare Agent Center. This page will have all of your most-used resources in one place for you to download, or to direct you to the right spot page to find. We hope that by using this tool, you can more readily find the things you need and get more acquainted with the Agent Center and all of the materials provided therein.


Commissions for this year have increased. See the chart below and visit the MAPD commissions page of the Agent Center for more information.

2021 plans 2020 plan
New to Medicare Advantage $539 $510
Priority Health renewal $270* $255*
New to Priority Health (not new to MA) $270** $255**

*Distributed on a prorated basis.

2020 plans – We will pay $21.25 each month a renewing member is enrolled.

2021 plans – We will pay $22.50 each month a renewing member is enrolled.

**The new to Priority Health, not new to Medicare Advantage, will be paid up-front in a lump-sum. The amount paid will be prorated based on the effective date of the policy.

Note: All commissions are subject to prorate in the event of an agent of record change.