Nov. 1 certification deadline for renewals


The deadline for certification for those agents that wish to receive renewals in 2021 has moved up this year. Nov. 1 is the new deadline. Please ensure that you have certified prior to this deadline so that you are able to keep your renewals and sell Priority Health this AEP.

For new agents or agents with no renewals, you may certify at any time, though we encourage you to get certified in advance of AEP.

Due to the pandemic, we had to think outside the box this year. As you know, the Priority Health Certification Portal is your new place to complete your required courses, eliminating the face-to-face component for this year. Your journey will be here for next year as well, so bookmark our site.

Some things to note:

  • Until you're completely certified, you will get a weekly email from Pinpoint reminding you to complete certification.
  • This is a self-serve portal. You can check your completion status in the transcript section. If you see 'Print Certificate' at the bottom of the transcript section, that is your official ready-to-sell certificate.

For more information on how to get certified for Priority Health Medicare, visit the Medicare certification page of the Agent Center.