Cigna + Priority Health Strategic Alliance

Frequently asked questions

Updated 12/10/20

Starting Jan. 1, 2021, we'll be expanding our partnership with Cigna to form a new Strategic Alliance in the Michigan market. We’ll keep these FAQs updated with the most current information regarding quoting, the member experience and more. Reach out to your Priority Health sales representative with any additional questions.

General questions

No, this is a Strategic Alliance where Priority Health members will continue to access the Cigna provider network when outside of Michigan and Cigna members will now access the Priority Health network for care inside of Michigan. This relationship delivers a competitive network solution for Michigan employers based on shared capabilities and the strength of our provider relationships, but both companies will continue to operate independently.

Priority Health and Cigna are building on our partnership to form a Strategic Alliance that leverages the best capabilities of both organizations to continue to bring affordable, comprehensive health care coverage to Michigan employers, employees and their families. This new alliance is effective Jan. 1, 2021.

Through the Payer Solutions model Priority Health gained access to the national Cigna PPO network, this move to the Strategic Alliance model features three changes effective Jan. 1, 2021:

  • Priority Health members who reside outside of Michigan will have access to a unified experience through their Priority Health member account.
  • Priority Health will now manage all out-of-state authorizations under our medical policy and utilization management process. 
  • Cigna members who live in Michigan will now have access to the Priority Health PPO network, throughout the state.

Our agreement with Cigna is effective Jan. 1, 2021. We'll be working with all our groups to transition them over to the alliance on Jan. 1, 2021.

Starting Jan. 1, 2021, Priority Health will be Cigna's exclusive Strategic Alliance partner in Michigan and one of four partnerships Cigna has throughout the nation.

Doing business with us

New and renewing ASO groups will see a lower network access fee for their out-of-state population through this Strategic Alliance.

ASO and Fully Funded quoting is available now. For employers headquartered in Michigan, there is no change to your quoting experience. You can still send requests directly to Priority Health.

New ID cards and member experience

Yes, under the Payer Solutions model we were accessing the Cigna PPO Network. Under the new Strategic Alliance model, members will now access the Cigna Open Access Plus network. This network features access to all the same providers as the PPO network, but with the most competitive network access fee and discounts available for care received outside of Michigan.

Yes, as part of the new Strategic Alliance model all commercial members* will receive new ID cards. Since this Alliance will be effective on Jan. 1, 2021 for all groups, ID cards will be re-issued via mail in waves between Oct. – Dec. 2020 to manage volume.

*This includes members covered under a commercial group or individual health plan, excluding those under an employer group Medicare or individual MAPD plan. The Priority Health Strategic Alliance does not apply to Priority Health Medicare plans.

All commercial members need new ID cards as the provider instructions included on the back of their card have changed. These new ID cards help ensure providers send claims to the correct location. For members who reside outside of Michigan, they will also have the Cigna OAP network logo on the front of their new card indicating their primary network coverage.

Regardless of which ID card the member uses, it is still valid. Priority Health and Cigna work together behind the scenes to get the claims routed for appropriate processing and payment if the incorrect ID card is used.

All commercial members will receive an insert with their ID card that outlines why they are receiving a new ID card and when to use. This will also include an educational “how to read your ID card” overview and instructions on how to find an in-network provider.

We’re consistently looking for ways to simplify our member’s experience with their plan. The transition to the Alliance network model will impact members differently depending on where they live.

For members residing in Michigan, they’ll see minimal changes. They’ll receive an updated ID card between Oct. – Dec., but there is no change to how they access care.

For members residing outside of Michigan, they’ll see enhancements coming for Jan. 1, 2021 including:

  • Easy access through their online Priority Health account to:
    • find providers in their primary network.
    • search procedure coverage and cost.
  • Ability to call Priority Health Customer Service directly with questions about any prior authorization request, now including those submitted by providers outside of Michigan.
  • New ID cards with updated logo indicating their new primary network: the Cigna Open Access Plus (OAP) network.

They can easily search for providers in their area through their Priority Health online account or app.

To search, out-of-state members can:

Members will no longer use myCigna for this service.

We've partnered with Healthcare Bluebook to provide this service directly through the member's Priority Health online account or app.

To search, out-of-state members can:

Members will no longer use myCigna for this service.