Priority Health adds second medical opinion program to commercial offerings

(GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — May 11, 2023) Priority Health, a nationally recognized nonprofit health plan, has expanded its partnership with Accolade to offer a virtual second medical opinion program as a new standard benefit for all fully funded employer groups.

The new program offers access to an external third-party review of members’ treatment plans from a national network of leading specialists at no additional cost to the member, further supporting members going through the diagnosis and treatment process. The service is available for specific surgeries and procedures, ranging from cardiac and digestive issues to women’s health and musculoskeletal conditions.

“This service ensures our members find peace of mind about their health care decisions and feel confident in their diagnosis and treatment plans,” said Alicia Coronas, vice president of employer solutions product and marketing for Priority Health. “Members want reassurance that all appropriate treatment options have been considered before moving forward with a surgery or procedure. It’s important for members to feel empowered in their decisions and this additional service encourages exactly that.”

The second medical opinion program is available to members as part of Priority Health’s strategic partnership with Accolade, a personalized health care company that provides millions of people with exceptional health care experiences so they can live their best lives.

“Our service connects members directly with an expert specialist to consider all evidence-based treatment options that align with their personal goals,” said Kristin Herrera, executive vice president and general manager for health plan and enterprise channels at Accolade. “This empowers members, giving them control over their health, and is proven to improve clinical outcomes and reduce costs. Armed with the best information from independent medical specialists, our members get the right treatment quickly and more often avoid overtreatment and misdiagnoses that lead to unnecessary and costly medical expenses.”

Members who choose to seek a second medical opinion through this new offering will receive a consultation with a care team to review their medical history. The team will provide a summary with recommendations for members to discuss with their treating physician. Members who qualify for a consultation through the new program will receive communications from Accolade starting in May.

The new program is the latest digital tool to join the overall Priority Health portfolio, addressing employer interest in user-friendly, convenient and virtual-first solutions that support employee health and well-being.

  • Behavioral health: Members seeking treatment or information have access to 24/7 behavioral health assistance that can be accessed online or via phone.
  • Virtual primary care: Virtual primary care offers the convenience of virtual care with the consistency of a primary care team to monitor ongoing health. 
  • Virtual urgent care: Virtual care is a fast, affordable way for members to receive care for minor ailments including allergies, bites, stings, fever, cough or flu.
  • Navigation and advocacy: Programs like PriorityGPS guide members through the health care system, offering benefits and coverage guidance and condition management and prevention support. 
  • Wellness: Digital health engagement tools, like the Wellbeing Hub and PriorityWell, provide personalized experiences focused on unique health goals. 

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About Accolade:

Accolade (Nasdaq: ACCD) is a Personalized Healthcare company that provides millions of people and their families with exceptional healthcare experiences so they can live their healthiest lives. Accolade's employer, health plan, and consumer solutions combine virtual primary care and mental health, second medical opinion, and best-in-class care navigation. These offerings are built on a platform that is engineered to care through predictive engagement of population health needs, proactive care that improves outcomes and cost savings, and by addressing barriers to access and continuity of care. Accolade consistently receives consumer satisfaction ratings of over 90%. For more information, visit