Corrections to payments

If you notice an error on your remittance advice, call the Provider Helpline with details about the error.


Less than $200 to physicians / less than $5,000 to facilities

Priority Health will make the necessary corrections and adjustments on a future remittance advice.

Greater than $200 to physicians/ greater than $5,000 to facilities

Priority Health will send your office a letter requesting repayment. This letter is the only form of notification your office will receive. The claim will not appear on your remittance advice and cannot be viewed on the web.

Monthly statement of outstanding overpayments

Priority Health Finance sends a monthly statement of the outstanding overpayment to the provider until the overpayment is settled. 

This statement will list:

  • Patient account information
  • Date of service
  • Billed changes
  • Date claim was originally paid
  • Reason for take-back

To return an overpayment to Priority Health

You have four options for letting us know you are returning an overpayment:

  • Complete a refund form, explaining the reason for the return
  • Copy the overpayment letter from Priority Health
  • Copy the remittance advice and highlight the member and reason for return
  • Send a letter with:
    • member name
    • member ID number and claim number
    • date of service
    • reason for return

Mail any one of the above documents with your refund check to:

Priority Health

Attn: Overpayment Refunds

1705 Reliable Parkway

Chicago, IL 60686

Timelines for Priority Health recovering an overpayment

Priority Health handles recovery of overpayments ("take-backs") according to the situation that created the overpayment and the time frame between when the payment was made and when the overpayment was identified.

  • Member retro-terminations:

    Adjustment/notification date for recovery will be limited to 12 months from date of payment. Member liability exists.

  • Coordination of benefits:

    Adjustment/notification date for recovery will be limited to 12 months from date of payment. Member liability may exist.

  • Inaccurate payment:

    This includes duplicate payment, system set-up error, claim processing error, claims paid to wrong provider. Adjustment/notification date for recovery will be limited to 12 months from date of payment.

  • Identified through a medical record audit:

    Adjustment/notification date for recovery will be limited to 18 months from date of payment. Time period starts from audit notification date.

  • Fraud and abuse:

    Adjustment/notification date for recovery time period will be the statute of limitations.

For more information, providers should review their Priority Health contracts.

Tracking the take-back/credit balance forward (CBF)

You should refund any overpayment as soon as it is identified. 

  • If, after 90 days, we have not received your refund, our Finance Department will automatically attempt to take the payment back on a future remittance advice (RA). If we receive no further claims from you, we may place the take-back in collections.
  • The take-back amount will appear as a negative payment on the remittance advice that is offset with dollars being paid on another claim for a member with the same plan (HMO, POS, PPO, etc.). If no further claims are paid from the same plan, Priority Health may attempt to collect the funds from payments on another Priority Health plan.
  • Each self-funded (SF) group is its own line of business, so Priority Health will first attempt to take back dollars from a paid service to the same provider for another member in the same group.
  • If the dollar amount of the overpayment is greater than the dollar amount owed you on the RA, there will be no check issued you with the RA. In this case, the take-back amount may be taken out of more than one RA until the amount is recovered.
  • You will see the claim that created the take-back amount on the last page of the RA.