Confidentiality of credentialing information

Policy #3237, Confidentiality
Author(s): Credentialing Committee
Last reviewed: 08/29/23

  1. Priority Health will exercise due care with practitioner/provider specific information by keeping all practitioner/provider files locked and in a secure area.
  2. Priority Health staff will not disclose practitioner/provider confidential or protected information to parties outside of the organization unless required by law, in which case Priority Health Legal Counsel will be involved.
  3. Direct access to practitioner/provider files is limited to Credentialing team members.
  4. Other Priority Health personnel who are members of the Credentialing Committee and Priority Health Legal Counsel will have access to practitioner/provider files via a Credentialing team member.
  5. All Priority Health employees sign a Confidentiality Statement upon employment.
  6. In addition, all Credentialing Committee members are required to sign a Confidentiality Agreement.
  7. Priority Health Credentialing department will maintain the complete file of all providers for a minimum of ten (10) years following termination from Priority Health. All provider files will be electronically stored or stored with Kent Records with a destroy date of ten (10) years.

Supporting documentation: Practitioner Credentialing Overview Policy #3244, NCQA Standard CR 1, Priority Health Confidentiality of Medical Information, Confidentiality Agreement with Third Parties