Join our behavioral health network

Partner with us to increase behavioral health access in Michigan

We're committed to improving access to behavioral health services for our members in Michigan. Behavioral health providers who share our mission to improve health, inspire hope and save lives are invited to partner with us, working together to improve lives in the communities we serve. Please note it can take up to 80 calendar days for us to process your enrollment.

How to join our networks

Step 1: Determine which application is right for you

We offer two enrollment applications:

1. New Individual Provider

2. New Organizational Provider

To enroll as an organization, your organization must be actively accredited by a recognized accreditation body (CARF, Joint Commission, URAC, COA, DVN, HFAP or NCQA). If a provider meets all the criteria except accreditation, the organizational provider must be able to demonstrate effective quality management and peer review infrastructures by one of the means listed in our credentialing criteria for Behavior Health Facilities.

If you’re not accredited by a recognized accreditation body (see credentialing criteria for Behavior Health Facilities linked above), you must enroll as a new individual provider, as an organization application would not be appropriate.

Step 2: Sign your contract

All behavioral health providers must upload a signed Provider Group Participation Agreement to their enrollment application. If the file size is too large to upload (limit 2.5 MB), submit the application without the agreement. Once your inquiry has been created, open the inquiry under "Enrollments and Changes" and add a comment that the agreement file size exceeded the upload limit. Our team will send the agreement to the group via Docusign to review and sign so the enrollment process can continue. Agreements that only include the signature page will not be accepted. Additionally, we do not accept agreements that are separated into several attachments.

Do not enter an effective date on page 1 of the agreement. We’ll fill in your effective date when the enrollment process is complete and return the countersigned copy to you.

Before submitting your enrollment application, you should also make sure you:

1. Have your W9 saved to your computer

2. Review our current fee schedule for behavioral health providers

Step 3: Submit your enrollment application

Follow the steps below to complete your enrollment application. Be sure to follow them carefully and check that each step of your application is complete and accurate before moving on.

Missing or inaccurate information will delay your processing time. Applications missing either the W9 or CHAMPS enrollment (Medicaid) may be rejected as incomplete.

1. Create an account in prism, using either Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge as your internet browser.

2. Once logged in, click Enrollments & Changes in the main menu.

3. Click either New Individual Provider Enrollment or New Organizational Provider Enrollment (see “Determine which application type is right for you” above). Follow the enrollment instructions. You’ll need to upload your W9 and signed Provider Group Participation Agreement when prompted.

Note: To be eligible for Medicaid participation, you must be actively enrolled in CHAMPS.

4. Check Yes when asked if you’re requesting a Medicaid agreement and check the consent box.

5. Click Submit.

Check the status of your application

Once you submit your enrollment application, our team will receive an inquiry. You can check the status of your request and view comments from our team any time in prism by clicking on Enrollments & Changes and selecting the Inquiry ID. When your request is completed, you'll receive a comment from our team. Any time our team posts a comment, you'll receive an email notification.

Find your network effective date

Once your request is complete, you'll receive a final comment from us in prism that includes your network effective date. You can begin billing for dates of service on the network effective date. We’ll also return the countersigned copy or your Provider Group Participation Agreement to you for your records.

Claims submitted before the network effective date may result in incorrect payment or denial.

If you haven’t received a confirmation email that the enrollment is complete within  80 calendar days of your submission, please send an email to  describing the delay. Include your Inquiry ID number in your email.