Bonus health assessment at home

Your plan includes an annual in-home health assessment. This is a "bonus check-up" available to you as a Priority Health Medicare member, where a licensed health care provider comes to you.

What is an in-home assessment?

A licensed health care provider from our partner, Signify Health, will come to your home - no driving, no waiting room. You may also choose to have your visit at the home of a friend or family member and choose to have them attend your visit with you.

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Why should I take advantage of an in-home health assessment?

Your participation won't affect your health plan coverage or any care you're receiving from your doctor. All of the information gathered during your health assessment will be shared with you and your primary care provider, to help you manage your care together. These visits not only help prevent health issues, they've been crucial in detecting problems before they get worse. Think of this as a "bonus check-up" and plan to schedule your in-home health assessment staggered from your annual visit and annual physical so you can get care all year long.

What to expect during an in-home health assessment

An in-home health assessment usually last about 45 minutes.

During the visit, you'll be able to:

  • Ask questions about your health
  • Share concerns that may have come up since your last doctor visit
  • Review your vital signs and medications

The health care provider will:

  • Take your blood pressure
  • Listen to your heart
  • Ask about your medications
  • Ask about your health history and other health issues
  • Explain more about your health
  • Offer you ideas and advice

After your visit you'll receive a personal checklist of things to discuss with your PCP at your next appointment. A summary of your visit will be sent both to you and to your PCP to help you both manage your health.