Delegate provider enrollment process

Below are enrollment instructions for providers under a delegate agreement with Priority Health.

Once a delegate agreement has been signed by both Priority Health and the delegate provider, we’ll email you a link to access a secure SharePoint page.

How to upload your delegate file to SharePoint

  1. Open your secure SharePoint page
  2. Click Upload
  3. Click Files from the dropdown menu. This will open a File Explorer window
  4. Find the file you'd like to upload and click Open

How to check the status of your request

Received: Once your file is uploaded to SharePoint, our teams will issue an inquiry number, which will appear under the “Inquiry #” column for the file in question.

In progress: When we begin working on your file, you’ll see the “Status” column change to “In Progress.”

Complete: Once we complete your file, we’ll move it to the “Completed Files” folder. The Status column will change to either:

  • "Completed on [date]" or
  • "Completed on [date] Needs Review"

Submitting additional information

When you see the status, “Completed on [date] Needs Review,” open the file in question and refer to PH Notes. There you’ll see notes from our team on items within the spreadsheet that we couldn’t complete, including any additional information or clarification we need from you. Include this additional information with your next file submission.