Improve your health and wellbeing through our personalized online hub offering you information and tools tailored to your specific health and wellbeing needs. Engage in the Priority Health Wellbeing Hub, powered by CaféWell, to stay on top of your physical, mental and financial wellbeing.

Choose from a variety of information, topics and tools that interest you and track your progress as you make positive changes:

  • Sign up for a walking challenge and walk that extra mile
  • Understand sleeping habits and learn how to get better sleep
  • Try new exercises to improve your balance and strength
  • Learn ways to reduce stress and enjoy life
  • Discover tips that make you smarter about your health

Did you know you're also eligible to receive rewards for completing activities you already do to stay healthy? Staying on track with your preventive care and other rewards milestones, like your annual screening, flu shot and fecal immunochemical test (FIT) to screen for colon cancer, will help you earn points you can redeem for gift cards to all your favorite retailers.

Once you log in to the Wellbeing Hub, visits your Rewards Dashboard. There you can view your rewards milestones, read activity descriptions, and check out how many points are available for you. From there, you can complete or self-report the activity to earn your points. And points are easy to use, with 1 point being equal to $1. You have the opportunity to complete each milestone and earn a reward once during the program period, which runs from March through December each year.

Once you've earned your points, check out the Redeem page to pick the gift card(s) you want. Who knew staying healthy could be so rewarding?

To get started, sign up for the Wellbeing Hub below. You will log in to your member account, and select the activities and topics that interest you.

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Log in to your member account and click on Wellbeing Hub under the Healthy Living tab. To join a challenge, select the Add Programs tab and pick a challenge to start. Learn more about the challenge by viewing the program details, and get ready to actively engage in your health in a fun and easy way.