There are many factors to consider when picking an Individual & family health plan, like monthly cost, what's covered, what deductible to choose and what your needs are if you travel a lot. Another thing to consider is whether a Narrow Network plan could work for you.

What is a narrow network?

A narrow network consists of a group of doctors, hospitals, labs and outpatient facilities focused on providing care for their community at a lower cost. They provide all the regular benefits of traditional coverage while you receive care within a set health system network. If you seek care outside your narrow network, you are responsible for any out-of-pocket costs.

MyPriority offers five narrow networks:

  • Spectrum Health Partners
  • Beaumont Health Network
  • Ascension St. John Providence Network
  • Bronson Healthcare Partners
  • Trinity Health East Network

How does a Narrow Network plan work?

Let's say you enroll in a Beaumont Health Network Narrow Network plan.


  • Your primary care provider (PCP) will be in the Beaumont Health Network


  • When you receive care, you will go to a specialist, hospital, lab or outpatient facility in the Beaumont Health Network


  • If you choose to receive care outside the Beaumont Health Network, you will be responsible for any out-of-network costs

What are the benefits of a Narrow Network plan?

A Narrow Network plan allows members to enjoy a lower monthly premium while accessing quality care. You also know you're getting local and community-oriented care while saving on your monthly premium.

With a MyPriority Narrow Network plan, you don't need a referral to see an in-network specialist and have access to all in-network pharmacies. You also get the added benefits of a MyPriority plan, like chronic condition management, diabetes management, on-demand mental health support, global emergency assistance, hearing aid discounts, and more.

Is a Narrow Network plan right for you?

A Narrow Network plan is an affordable option for individuals and families who live near a hospital system where a Narrow Network plan is offered. If you aren't comfortable seeking care within your designated system or if you anticipate needing specialized care outside your area, a Narrow Network plan may not be the best fit.

You can see if your provider is in-network before choosing a MyPriority Narrow Network plan using our Find a Doctor tool. Change the search parameters from All plans to one of the narrow network options listed above.

If you're looking for an affordable and dependable plan with a lower monthly cost, a MyPriority Narrow Network plan may be right for you.


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