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From researching the cost of care to engaging in your health, we have resources and programs that ensure you are getting the most from your health plan. These additional benefits are available to you once your plan starts.

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Our member account and mobile app offer you an easy way to access and manage your health insurance information anytime, anywhere. View your personalized information, find doctors, keep track of spending and access tools to help you save money.

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Understanding your plan


Find a doctor

Your plan is an HMO, which means you must get care from providers who are contracted with Priority Health. Select a primary care provider (PCP) and search our network of doctors and hospitals using our Find a Doctor tool. 

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Prescription coverage

We understand the importance of your prescription medications and ensuring they are covered — search for yours on our Approved Drug List.

Approved Drug List

Weight-loss Drug Coverage


No cost preventive care

Priority Health covers preventive care services received from an in-network provider at no cost to you.

We encourage all members to take advantage of this coverage by having regular physical exams, mammograms, colonoscopies and immunizations.

Preventive care guidelines

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Cost Estimator

With Cost Estimator, you don’t have to brace yourself for the bill. You can financially prepare for hundreds of services, whether you need to schedule a doctor’s visit, fill a prescription, get an MRI or plan for a surgery. 

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Wellness rewards

You're eligible to earn a $60 reward just for taking a short, online health assessment. Use your prepaid Pulse Cash reward any way you like! 

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Managing your Health

Getting and staying mentally and physically healthy can be a challenge, but we’re here for our members every step of the way. We’ve created programs to help support your mental and physical health.

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Infertility Coverage

Your medical plan through FEHB includes coverage for diagnostic, counseling, planning services, prescription drugs, assisted reproduction, and artificial conception related to the treatment of the underlying cause of infertility.

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Get deals on restaurants, shopping, travel and more through BenefitHub. 

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Active and Fit Direct

Take advantage of this discounted gym membership program.

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