Get more from your membership

From researching the cost of care to engaging in your health, we have resources and programs that ensure you are getting the most from your health plan. These additional benefits are available to you once your plan starts. 

MyHealth, your info

All members can create and use a MyHealth account to stay on top of their care and access their information when are where they need it. Register or log in to your MyHealth account, once you're a member, to access:

  • Customized health plan information
  • Claims and deductible balances
  • 24/7 virtual care with MedNow
  • Digital membership card and more

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Get more from our programs and resources:


Preventive care

Learn about the many preventive care services available to you at no cost.

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man video chat with doctor

Virtual care

You can receive care in the comfort of your home for as little as a $0 copay.

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Cost Estimator

Know the cost of procedures and prescriptions before receiving them.

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Assist America

Our traveling health care service helps you connect with the right care, wherever you need it.

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Wellbeing Hub

A free personalized health experience that puts resources and information at your fingertips.

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child getting care by doctor

Access to care

We help you choose the best place to receive the best — and most affordable — care.

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athletic woman in gym

Active and Fit Direct

Take advantage of this discounted gym membership program.

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