Priority Health network chain pharmacies

No matter where you travel, you'll stay in-network when you choose a location of one of these chain pharmacies.

  • Preferred network: Indicates that this pharmacy participates in the Priority Health Medicare preferred pharmacy network. Your costs will be less for your covered drugs when you use a pharmacy in the preferred network. Your copayment or coinsurance will apply.
Pharmacy name Toll-free number TTY/TDD number 90-day supply? Vaccine network? ePrescribing? Preferred network?
Costco Pharmacy 800.221.7262 711 Y Y Y Y
CVS Pharmacy 800.746.7287 711 Y Y Y N
Rite Aid 800.748.3243 711 Y Y Y Y
Walgreens 877.250.5823 877.924.7889 Y Y Y Y
Wal-Mart Pharmacy 800.925.6278 711 Y Y Y Y