Discounts on drugs Medicare doesn't cover

When you're a member of a Priority Health Medicare plan, you can save up to 20% on some brands and up to 80% on some generics, including some prescription vitamins, that are not covered under Medicare Part D. See the list below.

How the discount works

First, get a prescription from your doctor for any of the drugs or vitamins on this list. Then go to any Priority Health Medicare network pharmacy to get your prescription filled. Show your Priority Health membership card to get the discounted price.

Priority Health discounted drugs

Brand name Generic name
abaneu-SL sublingual tablet cyanocobalamin/mecobalamin
adapalene 0.1% lotion adapalene
advanced AM/PM combo pack om-3/ca carb/d3/fa/mv cmb 13
ANASPAZ 0.125mg tablet, orally disintegrating tablet hyoscyamine sulfate
ANIMI-3 capsule om-3/dha/epa/b12/fa/b6/phytost
ANIMI-3 WITH VITAMIN D capsule om-3/dha/epa/b12/fa/b6/phytost
AQUASOL A 50,000 units/ml vial vitamin A palmitate
ascorbic acid 500mg/ml vial ascorbic acid
AVAGE 0.1% cream tazarotene
b-complex 100 injection vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6
BACMIN caplet multivit, min cmb#20/iron/fa
belladonna-opium 16.2-60 suppository opium/belladonna alkaloids
benzonatate, 100 mg, 150mg, 200mg capsule benzonatate
bp vit 3 capsule om-3/dha/epa/B12/fa/B6/phytost
BRAVELLE 75 unit vial urofollitropin
carb-o-philic 40% cream urea
CAVERJECT 20mcg, 40mcg vial alprostadil
CAVERJECT IMPULSE 10mcg, 20mcg kit alprostadil
CETROTIDE 0.25mg, 3mg kit cetrorelix acetate
CIALIS 10mg, 20mg tablet tadalafil
clomiphene citrate 50mg tablet clomiphene citrate
corvita 150 tablet iron, carbonyl/iron/c/B6/B12/zinc
corvita tablet multivitamin, lycopene/lutein
CORVITE 150 tablet multivitamin, iron/C/B6/B12/zinc
CORVITE FREE tablet multivitamin, min cmb #6/iron/lutein/lycopene/q10
CORVITE tablet multivitamin, lycopene/luteine
cyanocobalamin 1,000mcg/ml cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12)
cyanocobal-levomef-pyridoxn tablet B12/levomefolate calcium/B6
cytra-K crystals packet potassium citrate/citric acid
DIALYVITE 3000 tablet multivitamin, folic acid/B-complex/C/selenium/zinc
DIALYVITE 5000 tablet multivitamin, mincmb#11/folic acid
DIALYVITE 800 with IRON tablet multivitamin, fe fumarate/iron/B complex & C
DIALYVITE SUPREME D tablet multivitamin, min. cmb#25/iron/D3
DIALYVITE with ZINC tablet multivitamin, B complex #11/iron/C/biotin/zinc oxide
DIFFERIN 0.1% lotion adapalene
DRISDOL 50,000 units capsule ergocalciferol (vitamin D2)
ed-spaz 0.125mg orally disintegrating tablet hyoscyamine sulfate
EDEX 10mcg, 20mcg, 40mcg, 2 & 6 pack kits alprostadil
ELDERCAPS capsule multivitamin, min. no.5/iron
ENLYTE softgel fe/fa/dha/epa/fad/nadh/be/mv47
ergocalciferol 1.25mg capsule ergocalciferol (vitamin D2)
fa-cyancoba-pyridoxine tablet cyanocobalamin/iron/pyridoxine
fabb tablet cyanocobalamin/iron/pyridoxine
fenoprofen calcium 400mg capsule fenoprofen calcium
finasteride 1mg tablet finasteride
folbee tablet cyanocobalamin/iron/pyridoxine
folbee plus tablet folic acid/vitamin B complex/C
folbee plus CZ tablet folic acid/vitamin B complex & C/cu/znox
folbic tablet cyanocobalamin/fa/pyridoxine
folbic RF tablet B12/levomefolate calcium/B-6
folic acid 1mg tablet, 5mg/ml vial folic acid
folic acid-B6-B12 tablet cyanocobalamin/fa/pyridoxine
FOLLISTIM AQ 75, 150 unit vial; 300, 600, 900 unit cartridge follitropin beta, recomb
folplex 2.2 tablet cyanocobalamin/fa/pyridoxine
foltanx tablet mecobal/levomefolat ca/B6 phos
foltanx RF tablet levomefolate/B6/B12/algal oil
FORTAVIT softgel mv,fe,min/dietary 4/dna/rna
GANIRELIX ACETATE 250mcg/0.5ml ganirelix acetate
GONAL-F 450, 1,050 units vial; GONAL-F RFF 300, 450, 900 units pen; REDI-JECT 300, 450, 900 unit follitropin alfa, recomb
homatropine 5% eye drops homatropine HBR
hydroxocobalamin 1,000mcg/ml hydroxocobalamin
hyomax-SL 0.125mg tablet hyoscyamine sulfate
hyoscyamine 0.125mg orally disintegrating sublingual tablet; 125mcg/5ml elixir; 125mcg/ml drops; hyoscyamine sulfate 0.125mg tablet hyoscyamine sulfate
hyosyne 0.125mg/ml drops, 125mcg/5ml elixir hyoscyamine sulfate
hypercare 20% solution aluminum chloride
isometheptene/dichloralphenazone/acetaminophen capsules isometheptene/dichloralphenazone/acetaminophen
l-methylfolate 7.5mg tablet, 15mg caplet levomefolate calcium
l-methylfolate-B6-B12 tablet methyl-B12/levomefolate/B6 phos
l-methylfolate calcium/p-5-p/me-cbl capsule levomefolate/B6/B12/algal oil
l-methylfolate calcium 7.5mg, 15mg tablet levomefolate calcium
l-methylfolate mecobalamin NAC tablet levomefolate calcium/methylcobalamin/n-acetylcysteine
l-methylfolate-MC NAC tablet levomefolate calcium, methylcobalamin and acetylcysteine
LEVITRA 2.5mg, 5 mg, 10mg, 20mg tablet vardenafil HCL
levomefolate/pyridoxine/cyanocobalamin tablet B12/levomefolate calcium/B6
lidocaine-HC 3-0.5% cream lidocaine/hydrocortisone AC
MENOPUR 75 unit vial menotropins
MEPHYTON 5mg tablet phytonadione
metafolbic tablet multivitamin with B12/levomefolate calcium/B6/B2
metafolbic plus tablet multivitamin with acetylcysteine/methyl-B12/levomefolate calcium
metafolbic plus RF tablet multivitamin with levomefolate calcium/acetylcysteine/algal oil
mtx support tablet cyanocobalamin/folic acid
MUSE 125, 250, 500, 1,000mcg urethral suppository alprostadil
mynephrocaps softgel B complex & C no.20/folic acid
NASCOBAL 500mcg nasal spray cyanocobalamin (B12)
NEPHPLEX RX tablet B complex no3/iron/C/biotin/zinc
NEPHROCAPS QT tablet B complex & C no.13/fa/D3
NEPHRO-VITE RX tablet B complex 3/iron/C/Biotin
NEURIN-SL sublingual cyanocobalamin/mecobalamin
NICOMIDE tablet niacinamide/folic acid/zinc oxide/cupric oxide
NUTRICAP caplet multivitamin with folic acid/iron
oscimin 0.125mg ODT, tablet, SL tablet hyoscyamine sulfate
OVIDREL 250mcg/0.5ml injection choriogonadotropin alfa
phenazopyridine 100mg, 200mg tablet phenazopyridine HCL
PHYSICIANS EZ USE B12 kit cyanocobalamin (B12)
PODIAPN capsule multivitamin with B6/methylfolate/B12<
potassium citrate-citric acid packet potassium citrate/citric acid
POTABA 500mg capsule potassium aminobenzoate
PROBARIMIN QT tablet multivitamin
PROTECT IRON tablet multivitamin with iron, hematinic
PURALOR CI tablet multivitamin
pyridoxine 100mg/ml vial pyridoxine HCL
rea lo 39, 40 cream; 40 lotion urea
refissa 0.05% cream tretinoin/emollient base
remeven 50% cream urea
renal caps softgel B complex & C no.20/folic acid
rena-vite RX tablet B complex 3/iron/C/biotin
reno caps softgel B complex & C no.20/folic acid
RENOVA and RENOVA PUMP 0.02% cream tretinoin/emollient base
REPRONEX 75 unit vial menotropins
REQ49+ tablet multivitamin with lutein/lycopene
salacyn 6% lotion salicylic acid
salicylic acid 6% lotion salicylic acid
selenium sulfide 2.25% shampoo selenium sulfide
sildenafil 25mg, 50mg, 100mg tablet
STAXYN 10mg ODT vardenafil HCL
STENDRA 50mg, 100mg, 200mg tablet avanafil
STROVITE FORTE caplet multivitamin with iron
STROVITE ONE caplet multivitamin with iron, lutein
SUPERVITE liquid multivitamin with lysine HCL, B complex, iron, zinc
SUPERVITE EC caplet multivitamin with folic acid
symax fastabs, symax SL, 0.125mg tablets hyoscyamine sulfate
tadalafil 10mg, 20mg tadalafil
thiamine 100mg/ml, 200mg/2ml vial thiamine HCL
tl 45% urea lotion urea
tl gard RX tabs cyanocobalamin/fa/pyridoxine
tretinoin emollient cream 0.05% tretinoin/emollient base
triphrocaps softgel B complex & C no.20/folic acid
urea 39%, 40%, 45%, 47%, 50% cream; 40% gel; 40%, 45% lotion; 40% nail film; 45% nail gel; 50% nail stick urea
v-c forte caps multivitamins with minerals, iron
VANIQA 13.9% cream eflornithine HCL
vardenafil vardenafil
VASCULERA 630mg tablet diosmin complex no.1
VIAGRA 25mg, 50mg, 100mg tablet sildenafil citrate
vic-forte capsule multivitamins with minerals and iron
virt-caps softgel B complex & C no.20/folic acid
virt-vite tabs cyanocobalamin/iron/pyridoxine
NOTE: The products and services described immediately above are not offered or guaranteed under our contract with the Medicare program. In addition, they are not subject to the Medicare appeals process, and the amount you pay does not count toward your Part D out-of-pocket costs. Any disputes regarding these products and services may be subject to the Priority Health Medicare grievance process.