Large group medical coverage

Choose the benefit design to pair with your HMO, POS, or PPO plan to fit your company’s needs.

  • Copay Aligned


    Most comprehensive coverage with predictable copays before deductible.
    • Encourage a healthier workforce by providing straightforward, predictable copays
    • Attract and retain top talent with competitive benefits with a low cost-share for employees.
  • Tiered Copay


    Predictable copays for most services

    • Drive employees to the right site of care for lower-cost services
    • Support a healthier workforce with some cost sharing at a lower overall price
  • Traditional Copay


    Primary care focused benefits with copay-based coverage

    • Control spending with our lowest-cost, copay-based plan
    • Provide employees with comprehensive benefits while minimizing your spend
  • PriorityValue


    Simple benefits structure that provides employer savings

    • Control costs by incentivizing employees to see their provider
    • Offer a less complex plan with a similar deductible and coinsurance
  • PriorityHSA


    Premiums savings and tax advantages

    • Lower premiums
    • Can be paired with a health savings account
    • Save on payroll taxes
    • Attract and retain talent with benefits that help employees control their costs
  • Minimum Value


    Broad coverage with low premiums and higher deductibles 

    • Meet both MEC (Minimum Essential Coverage) and MVC (Minimum Value Coverage) requirements
    • Explore HSA-compatible options to set aside additional funds for unexpected expenses
    • Lowest premium option