New features now available for Teladoc Health Mental Health wellness tool

We recently added new features to the Teladoc Health Mental Health wellness tool to streamline the account creation process and provide members with additional support based their intake questionnaire and goals. Formerly called myStrength, Teladoc Health Mental Health is a free, self-help mental wellness program for all Priority Health members ages 13+. Available to use as an app or through the website, the program features more than 1,400 activities on a variety of mental wellness topics including depression, anxiety, stress, chronic pain, sleep problems, substance use and more.

New program features

  • Engagement guide: The guide offers text-based support to encourage positive behavioral change while the member works through the program. Asynchronous messaging within the tool is available to all users. Clinical treatment isn’t provided.
  • Crisis outreach: This includes phone outreach by a trained crisis manager but is only prompted when a member answers “nearly every day” on the suicide question in the depression screening. Only available for members 18 and older.
  • Live virtual coaching: This includes live sessions with a certified coach for members 18 and older with mild or subclinical acuity.

What do members need to know when creating an account?

Members no longer need to enter an access code when creating an account; they only need to enter basic information (name, birthdate, etc.) and confirm their health plan details. If a member’s health plan isn’t listed, they can contact Teladoc Health support at 800.853.2362 or and ask for assistance to sign up for the mental health program.

What do providers need to know?

Encourage your patients to sign up for a free account today. Help and support Members can reach out to Teladoc Health’s member support team for assistance by calling 800.835.2362 or emailing