Travel coverage information

Your Priority Health Medicare Advantage plan gives you peace of mind knowing you can receive the care you need wherever life takes you–whether you're home, outside of Michigan or around the world.

Know your network

You get the most value when you use our network. With 98% of providers and all of the major health systems in Michigan in our Medicare Advantage network, that means you have lots of choices. When you choose a doctor in our network, it will save you money. Plus, you don't need a referral to see an in-network specialist.

Care beyond Michigan

While our network gives you access to over 98% of providers in Michigan, your plan goes further by giving you the flexibility to pay a little more if you need or want to see a health care provider outside of the network.

Whether you spend a few months of the year outside of Michigan or need to seek care while away from home, you can get care wherever you are. When you see a doctor who is not in the Priority Health Medicare Advantage network, you'll use your out-of-network benefits which extend the reach of the providers you can see.

How to use your plan with an out-of-network provider

  1. Make sure the provider participates with Medicare by visiting
  2. Show your Priority Health Medicare Advantage member ID card.
  3. If the provider has questions, instruct them to call the provider service number on the back of your member ID card.

Worldwide ER and urgent care

Planning a trip? You can travel with confidence knowing you have unlimited world-wide coverage for emergency and urgently needed services and the same copay as if you were at home. Additionally, if you're authorized to be admitted to the hospital from an emergency room visit while you're away from home, your hospital stay will be covered as an in-network benefit.