Your Priority Health Medicare Advantage plan gives you out-of-state care at in-network prices, access to MultiPlan® Medicare Advantage providers, unlimited worldwide emergency and urgent care coverage and Assist America® for global travel assistance. So, you'll have peace of mind knowing you can receive the care you need wherever life takes you–whether you're home, outside of Michigan or around the world. 

Out-of-state travel, in-network costs

Your plan includes an out-of-state travel benefit so when you travel out of state, your coverage travels with you. When you visit any MultiPlan Medicare Advantage provider or any Medicare-participating provider in the U.S. outside of Michigan, you'll pay in-network costs.

Tips for using your out-of-state travel benefit

  • Call the Customer Service number on the back of your member ID card so we can assist you in finding a Medicare-participating provider and to help arrange services
  • Show your Priority Health Travel Pass to providers so they know you have out-of-state coverage.

Learn more about using your out-of-state travel benefit.

Traveling abroad or across the U.S.?

Your plan includes Assist America when you're more than 100 miles away from home or in a foreign country. Assist America can help you:

  • Coordinate your care during a medical travel emergency
  • Provide pre-trip assistance to help you prepare for your travel
  • Find a doctor or pharmacy near you while you're traveling
  • Fill your prescriptions at your destination
  • Help locate lost luggage

How to use Assist America

  • Download the free Assist America mobile app on the Apple store or Google Play.
  • Call 800.872.1414 (inside the U.S.)

Priority Health reference number: 01-AA-PHP-12123M

A single phone call gives you access to a vast network of resources for any medical travel emergency. And there's no cost to you.

Learn more about your Assist America travel assistance.

Worldwide ER and urgent care

You can travel with confidence knowing you have unlimited worldwide coverage for emergency and urgently needed services. Additionally, if you're authorized to be admitted to the hospital from an emergency room visit while you're away from home, your hospital stay will be covered as an in-network benefit.