Medication Therapy Management program

A free benefit to help you manage your medications

More than dispensing prescriptions at your local drug store, pharmacists are your care team specialists when it comes to prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications. Medication Therapy Management, or MTM, is a personal review of your medications with a pharmacist specializing in MTM.

What makes MTM so valuable?

Many people take more than one prescription, often prescribed by more than one provider. Additionally, most take regular or occasional over-the-counter medications or supplements. And it can get complicated.

Your MTM pharmacist is your personal resource and advocate who will:

  • Help you understand your medications including what they do; when and how to take them; what to expect; and how to minimize side effects.
  • Identify and help avoid possible conflicts between medications and/or over-the-counter products that could reduce effectiveness or cause dangerous reactions.
  • Work with your doctor or doctors to resolve any concerns or problems found with your medications.
  • Discuss money saving options and alternatives for filling your prescriptions and offer advice for treating minor ailments efficiently and effectively with over-the-counter remedies.

You may be contacted

MTM services are available by request to any Priority Health Member. But medication management is particularly important for the well-being of members with chronic conditions and multiple medications.

You will likely be contacted directly by your preferred pharmacy, your primary care office, or an MTM pharmacist working with Priority Health, to encourage your participation and schedule an annual medication review if:

  • You are taking eight or more chronic medications, and
  • You have three or more chronic conditions, and
  • You are likely to incur $4,696 or more in annual drug costs.

If you prefer to get started right away, simply reach out to an MTM participating pharmacy near you and ask to schedule your free 30-minute comprehensive medication review.

Not interested? If you prefer to opt out of being contacted for Medication Therapy Management, let us know by contacting customer service.