Medication Therapy Management program

If you take prescription drugs, you might benefit from the Priority Health Medication Therapy Management (MTM) program. We work with specially trained area pharmacists to help you get the best results from your medication while keeping your out-of-pocket costs down. These pharmacists do much more than dispense drugs. Your MTM Personal Pharmacist is your personal resource and advocate.

No-cost Medication Therapy Management services

As a Priority Health Medicare plan member, you are eligible for these services from your MTM pharmacist:

  • Comprehensive medication review: A look at all your medications to identify any duplication or conflicts and organize your medication schedule.
  • Prescriber consult: Working with your doctor(s) to resolve any problems found with your medications.
  • Non-prescription consult: Helps you figure out which over-the-counter drugs to use to treat minor ailments easily and inexpensively.
  • Drug information: Explains the purpose and correct use of new medications, and follows up with you to make sure everything is right.

Participation in this program is optional. These services are not a benefit of your plan. They're a benefit of choosing Priority Health. To get started, contact your certified MTM pharmacist to schedule your 30-minute Comprehensive Medication Review.

You may be notified about MTM if you have a chronic condition. Look over a list of eligible chronic conditions.

Check the list of MTM pharmacies (PDF)

See a sample MTM visit summary (PDF) you would get from the pharmacist.

We may be contacting you

We will be actively reaching out to you to encourage your participation in this program if:

  • You are taking four or more medications, and
  • You have three or more chronic conditions, and
  • You are likely to incur $4,255 or more in annual drug costs.