Drugs covered by 2021 Priority Health Medicare Advantage plans

The Approved Drug List, or "formulary," is a list of all drugs that Priority Health Medicare Advantage plans will pay for. Use the drug name search below to check if your drugs are listed, or you can open and save our 2021 Medicare Advantage Plan Formulary PDF. It's updated monthly. You'll find an alphabetical index of all drugs by name after the lists of drugs by drug class.

There are some drugs that are never covered by any Medicare plan anywhere. See a list.

If your drug isn't covered

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Formulary updates

We add and delete drugs from the formulary during the year. 

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Drug approval process

What determines which drugs are added or removed from our formulary? Our deciding factors are determined by comprehensive research, science and health advantages.

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Learn rules or requirements on your drugs

Before you fill your prescription, make sure you are aware of any limits or rules. Medicare covers a variety of prescription medications that come with some requirements.

See what Medicare Parts A, B and D pay for

When you have a Priority Health Medicare Advantage plan, your drugs are covered in one of three ways - under Part A, Part B or Part D.

Forms your doctor may need

If the drug you need has special requirements for coverage, your doctor may have to complete a form requesting the drug.

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