PCP reassignment within the same practice/tax ID

A "reassignment" is neither a discharge nor a transfer. You request a patient reassignment to change a patient assigned to one PCP within your provider group (as identified by your tax ID number) to another PCP in the same provider group. This normally happens when a patient in your provider group is not assigned to the PCP from whom they seek care.

Reporting reassignments

To notify Priority Health of a PCP reassignment, your provider group must complete the PCP reassignment spreadsheet below and email it to resource11918@priorityhealth.com. Completion of this form confirms that the member has been seen by the new PCP.

Do not use this form if the patient is seeking services from a PCP outside of your provider group.

  • Email a new spreadsheet no more than monthly and no less than quarterly.
  • Allow 14 business days for completion of changes.
  • Incomplete forms will be returned to you, delaying the process.
  • No PCP changes will be made effective in November and December. Requests received after 10/31 will be effective Jan 1.

Open the PCP reassignment form.