Maternal Infant Health Program (MIHP)

Applies to:

Priority Health Choice plans: Medicaid, Healthy Michigan Plan


The Maternal Infant Health Program is designed by the Michigan Department of Community Health to meet the social services, nutrition and health education of pregnant women and of babies up to age 12 months. It provides home visitation support and care coordination. Services are intended to supplement regular prenatal/infant care and to assist health care providers in managing their patients' health and wellbeing.

Program components include:

  • Services provided by Registered Nurse and a Licensed Social Worker
  • May also use a Registered Dietitian, IBCLC Lactation Consultant and Infant Mental Health Specialist as part of the team
  • Evidence-based, comprehensive Maternal and Infant Risk Identifiers
  • Determines maternal or infant risks based on an algorithm designed into the database plus professional observation
  • Consists of standardized trainings, forms, interventions and care plans
  • A case management approach
  • Communication and coordination with Medicaid providers and Medicaid Health Plans
  • A statewide database for Risk Identifiers and Discharge Summaries

MIHP coverage

Priority Health covers services for all Medicaid and Healthy Michigan Plan members who are:

  • Pregnant
  • Infants up to age 12 months

Priority Health identifies our eligible member population electronically each day: New members who are pregnant, infants to age 1 and established members who have become pregnant. We contact these members to determine if they are already enrolled in MIHP. If so, we link them in our system to their current MIHP providers. No new referrals are made.

Also see: Transportation services, Medicaid for enhanced transportation coverage.

MIHP referrals

If an eligible member reports they are not MIHP enrolled, the member will be referred to a program provider in our network. Our referral system matches each member with a MIHP provider based on the provider's county, specialty and MIHP case management capacity.

How to receive referrals

Once we match a member to a MIHP provider, we send the provider a referral. 

Referrals are sent via secure Mailbox to the email address you provided to our Medicaid program. If your online Priority Health provider account uses a different email address, you will not see the referral in your secure Mailbox. You'll have to either:

  • Change your Priority Health online provider account email address to match the one you provided to Medicaid Operations. Learn how.
  • Change the email address you gave us for Medicaid transactions/referrals to match your online provider account's email address. Contact Medicaid Operations (information below). 

Referral details

We create MIHP profiles in our system with the detail provided on the MIHP Coordinator's Directory. The referrals you receive include:

  • Referred to: Name of provider
  • Referral date
  • Medicaid ID #
  • Last name
  • First name
  • Language
  • DOB
  • Address
  • Alternative address
  • Telephone
  • Alternative telephone
  • City
  • Sex
  • State
  • ZIP
  • County
  • Language
  • Due date (maternal referrals)
  • Additional notes about special circumstances (i.e. homelessness), any other information shared at the time of screening phone call or by other source.

Clinical documentation is attached if applicable and/or available, including the OB Enrollment and Authorization Form historically used for MIHP referrals from Priority Health.

Updating your MIHP information

If your program's case management capacity changes, or for changes in specialty or regions served, contact Medicaid Operations.

Priority Heath Medicaid Operations contacts

Rachel Fox: Manager, Medicaid Operations

Stacey Guerrero: Specialist, Community Health Program Lead

Priority Health care management services

Priority Health offers care management to Medicaid members, including community-based services. MIHP providers may refer to our care management contacts, below, for additional support in meeting the needs of pregnant women and infants.

MIHP care management contacts

Reach out to the contact below for more details on care management.

Katie Slaven: LMSW Supervisor/Interim Manager, Medicaid-Case and Disease Management

MIHP billing

In adherence to the MIHP Operational Guidelines, fax state-required forms to Priority Health Medicaid Operations at 616.464.8905. All MIHP forms must be typed, not handwritten.

These documents will be linked to the Priority Health member record and used as confirmation of MIHP enrollment and discharge. Find them on the MIHP forms page at

  • Prenatal Communication Notice of Enrollment Form (side 1 letter)
  • Prenatal Communication Form M022 (Side 2 with risks indicated)
  • Infant Care Communication Notice of Enrollment Form (side 1 letter)
  • Infant Care Communication Form 1010 (Side 2 with risks indicated)
  • Notice of Discharge Form C
  • MIHP-MHP Communications Tool

MIHP providers may add established members to the monthly MIHP-MHP Communication Referral Status log, using the patient's Medicaid number, name, date of birth and date of enrollment fields. Include Priority Health members enrolled in your program through another generated referral source.