SaveOnSP ended on May 31 for select commercial members 

SaveOnSP, a service that helps participating members find and enroll in manufacturer copay assistance programs for discounts on their specialty prescription drugs (Tier 4 and 5), ended on May 31 for small business commercial groups and individual members.

Why did SaveOnSP end?

Recently, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) released a new rule classifying all health plan covered drugs as essential health benefits (EHB). Prior to this, only drugs that met a specific benchmark could be considered EHB. Because SaveOnSP focused solely on securing copay assistance for non-EHB drugs, the program is no longer applicable to the impacted members.

Can members still get manufacturer copay assistance?

Yes. Manufacturer copay assistance may still be available through the drug manufacturer; however, members must enroll on their own.

How does this impact our members?

Members must either manage their own enrollment in available manufacturer assistance programs or pay the cost share for their prescriptions.