What is PriceMyMeds?

PriceMyMeds is a pharmacy program available to our commercial (group and individual) members. PriceMyMeds helps members save on prescription medications by automatically finding the best price for a prescription at nearby in-network pharmacies. This benefit is part of our ongoing goal to better support our members in getting the care they need by making sure prescription drug costs are not a barrier to the care you provide.

How does it work?

When a member’s prescription is filled at a pharmacy, PriceMyMeds automatically searches for and applies savings opportunities, when applicable. Members will also have access to the PriceMyMeds app, allowing them to sign up to receive alerts when greater savings opportunities are available at other pharmacies in the area. When members use the PriceMyMeds app to locate a better price at an alternative pharmacy, PriceMyMeds will provide instructions on how to 1) ask for a price match or 2) work with their pharmacist to complete a prescription transfer. 

Are any medications excluded?

There are a few categories of drugs that are excluded from PriceMyMeds:

  • Any drug eligible for the SaveOnSP program, for eligible members
  • Non-formulary drugs
  • Certain brand drugs
  • All opioid drugs
  • Drugs available at $0 cost-share through the Affordable Care Act
  • Drugs available through a Priority Health commercial rider 
  • Certain specialty drugs (for select commercial groups)

Do I need to do anything?

Occasionally, you’ll need to send a prescription to a new pharmacy if the member’s current pharmacy doesn’t accommodate transfers. Aside from that, all we ask is that you encourage your patients with a Priority Health commercial plan to use PriceMyMeds to save money on their prescriptions.