Using our specialty pharmacies

Many injectable and/or specialty drugs must be ordered through a specialty pharmacy who works with Priority Health guidelines on authorization.

Search for the individual drug name for specific details.

Medicare exception: Medicare plans do not require the use of a specific pharmacy to order specialty drugs.

Prescribing and authorizing specialty drugs

  1. Complete a Priority Health prior authorization request form. Search for the drug name to find the drug-specific form.

  2. Once Priority Health approves the authorization, call or fax in the medication request to the specialty pharmacy (see below).

  3. If applicable, a Patient Care Coordinator (PCC) from the specialty pharmacy contacts you or the patient to arrange for delivery and collection of copayment.

  4. The specialty pharmacy sends the injectable order through overnight express delivery to either the patient's home or physician's office, as you request. All necessary supplies such as syringes, needles, alcohol pads, and sharps containers are provided at no extra cost.

Specialty drug refills

If applicable, a Patient Care Coordinator from the specialty pharmacy will contact the patient or your office about a week before the next scheduled refill to arrange for delivery and payment of copayment.

Contacting Accredo Specialty Pharmacy

Mailing address:

Accredo Health, Inc
PO Box 954041
St Louis, MO 63195-4041

Physician orders:
Toll-free: 800.987.4904

Physician fax:
Toll-free: 800.391.9707

Contacting Meijer Specialty Pharmacy

Mailing address:

Meijer Specialty Pharmacy
2350 Three Mile Road NW
Grand Rapids, Mi 49544

Physician orders:
Toll-free: 855.263.4537

Physician fax
Toll-free: 734.391.2365