Well-being solutions

Healthier employees are more productive at work and their healthy habits may prevent development of costly chronic health conditions. Priority Health provides innovative and engaging well-being resources for employers to help employees prioritize their health both at work and at home.

Introducing PriorityWell


PriorityWell works alongside a Priority Health medical plan giving you and your employees a truly integrated digital experience, delivering measurable health outcomes through challenges and incentive programs.

  • Engage your employees in well-being challenges and even reward them for participating in preventive care
  • Science backed to deliver proven results
  • Comprehensive reports with measurable outcomes consistently demonstrate the value of your investment

Wellbeing Hub

The Priority Health Wellbeing Hub, powered by Virgin Pulse, offers personalized content, condition-specific recommendations, and preventive care reminders to help members monitor and improve their health and well-being. Members have multiple program activities available to customize their experience, with add-on capabilities that come with a PriorityWell plan.

  • Health Assessment: Fill out a questionnaire on current well-being and receive recommendations on how to become your healthiest self.
  • Daily cards: Get helpful tips that are relevant to your interests and goals. 
  • Activity tracking: Select healthy habits to work on and track your daily progress.
  • Personal challenges: Participate in challenges that track healthy habits. 
  • My Care Checklist: Manage your health by keeping track of your preventive care and health checkups in one place.