Leaving the area, closing your practice, retiring, or otherwise terminating your contract

Notifying Priority Health

Priority Health requires written notice, 90 days in advance, if you are:

  • Terminating a Priority Health participation agreement
  • Retiring and/or closing your practice

Failure to give us 90 days' notice may result in claims denials or reassignment of members.

Requirements for terminating your contract

  • Notify us in writing using the Provider information form
  • The provider or the office manager must sign the notice
  • The notice must give the reason for termination (ie, retiring, moving out of state)
  • If you are a primary care physician, provide in writing the arrangement for transfer of members

Send us a copy of the letter you sent your patients and include:

  • Information on where you would like your members transferred, if applicable
  • A copy of the Provider information form you sent us, notifying us you were terminating your contract

Notify your patients

  • You must notify members in writing at least 30 days in advance that you are leaving the Priority Health network
  • You will cooperate with extension of care for patients in active treatment, such as pregnant patients past their first trimester based on the provider participation agreement

Re-contracting limitation

Physicians or groups who leave the Priority Health network will not be allowed to re-contract with the plan for 12 months, or until the next contract year, whichever is longer.