Bone density studies

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All plans, unless the individual plan documents/CMS or Medicaid coverage criteria conflict; then, the plan documents/coverage criteria will govern.


Bone mineral density (BMD) can be measured with a variety of techniques in a variety of sites. Sites are broadly subdivided into central sites (e.g. hip or spine) and peripheral sites (e.g. wrist, finger, heel). While BMD measurements are predictive of fractures at all sites, central measurements of the hip and spine are the most predictive. Additionally, fractures of the hip and spine (e.g. vertebral fractures) are the most clinically relevant.

Medical policy/policies

Osteoporosis clinical practice guideline

Bone density study authorizations

Participating providers: To request CT bone density studies, use Auth Request to enter your CPT code and get it authorized online through eviCore.

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Non-participating providers: Use the authorization forms.