Care coordination

Providers, we want to hear from you!

Complex Needs

Our Behavioral Health department has clinical staff available who specialize in helping members manage complex and chronic mental health and substance use conditions.

If you're working one-on-one with a Priority Health member who may benefit from additional telephone support, please contact our Behavioral Health department at 800.673.8043 during business hours. We'll ask you to verify the member’s information and provide clinical rationale regarding the reason for referral and/or care coordination.

Outpatient referrals & discharge planning

Often there can be challenges finding the right outpatient provider or transitioning from the hospital setting back to the community. Our staff are available to support members wherever they are in this process.

If you're attempting to refer a member for mental health or substance use disorder outpatient care or attempting to plan a successful discharge from the hospital setting – please contact 800.673.8043

Indicators of high risks

Please notify our Behavioral Health department right away by calling 800.673.8043 should you become aware that a Priority Health member is struggling with the following:

  • Overuse or underuse of medical services
  • Non-adherence with treatment plans and/or recommendations
  • Complex medical conditions with psychological/behavioral factors
  • Inappropriate prescription drug access and use patterns

Coordination between PCPs and behavioral health providers

Primary care providers and behavioral health specialists should contact our behavioral health department at 800.673.8043 to communicate: 

  • Requests for consultations
  • Medication management or therapy
  • Dates of behavioral health sessions