Southeast Michigan Network

This is a new narrow network product in 2024 that includes former Beaumont Health facilities and providers (now Corewell Health) along with Trinity Health facilities and providers in Southeast Michigan.

As you care for the patients in the Southeast Michigan Network plan, we've outlined a few things to know.

Providers are in the Southeast Michigan Network if:

  • Provider was part of the former Beaumont Health Network


  • Provider is part of the Trinity Health East Network

Members eligible for this plan are individuals and families under age 65 who purchase their own health coverage (a.k.a., MyPriority HMO members) and live in Macomb, Oakland or Wayne County.

Ascension St. John narrow network map 

Providers do not need to be located in these three counties to be included in the Southeast Michigan Network.

Members in these counties who in 2023 were part of either the Beaumont Health Network, the Trinity Health East Network or the Ascension St. John Providence Network (plan discontinued) will be transitioned into the Southeast Michigan Network. If members who had the Ascension St. John Providence Network plan in 2023 want to remain in a plan that covers Ascension providers, they can choose a broad HMO network option.

Note that members with the Trinity Health East Network plan who live in Livingston, Washtenaw or Jackson County will continue to be eligible for the same narrow network in 2024, with no changes.

Care in the narrow network is covered. Non-emergency care received outside the narrow network is not covered, and the member is liable for all costs.

Referrals to in-network specialists are not required, even for specialty care. Request authorization for instances where services are not available within their network. 

Hospitals in the Southeast Michigan Network

Health system Facilities
  • Trinity Health Chelsea Hospital
  • Trinity Health Livonia Hospital
  • Trinity Health Ann Arbor Hospital
  • Trinity Health Livingston Hospital
  • Trinity Health Oakland Hospital
Corewell Health
  • Corewell Health Dearborn Hospital
  • Corewell Health Farmington Hills Hospital
  • Corewell Health Taylor Hospital
  • Corewell Health Trenton Hospital
  • Corewell Health Beaumont Troy Hospital
  • Corewell Health Wayne Hospital
  • Corewell Health Beaumont Royal Oak Hospital
  • Corewell Health Beaumont Grosse Pointe Hospital

Any provider in Southeast Michigan affiliated with either Corewell Health or Trinity Health is included in the Southeast Michigan Network. All ancillary providers and in-network pharmacies are also included. 

Use the Find a Doctor tool to find specialty providers of any type in the Southeast Michigan Network. Download and refer to this helpful document for more information on using Find a Doctor.

Member ID card sample

Note that Priority Health member ID cards never list a member’s PCP. While we encourage all members to select a PCP, participating providers can still see patients even if the patient has not chosen a PCP.


SE Michigan NN card.png