Site visit review standards for urgent care

To comply with the AAAHC Standard, urgent care facilities must comply with Standards 1-10 and 12, found in the Practitioner Office Site Visit Review Standards of this manual, and the following Urgent Care Centers Standard.

These standards are set by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC).

Urgent care center standards

Standard 11

Policy and procedure for handling walk-ins

Urgent care facilities need to have a written policy and procedure to address the flow of patients that present to the facility without an appointment.

Patients seen without a prior appointment

Urgent care facilities need to see patients who do not have an appointment prior to presenting to the facility.

Qualified physician present or immediately available

Urgent care facilities need to keep one physician on site or immediately available during posted hours of operation.

Professionals with cardiac/trauma life support skills present

Urgent care facilitieswill have staff trained in cardiac and/or trauma life support on site during the posted hours of operation.

Range of services offered/hours clearly defined and communicated

The public and relevant organizations need to be aware of what services urgent care facilities offer and what hours they are open for operation.

Laboratory and X-ray requirements

Urgent care facilities must have on-site laboratory and radiology services that meet CLIA and OFIS criteria.