Office location standards

Offices must meet all local, state and federal zoning and accessibility requirements for businesses.

Standards for offices in residences and non-traditional sites

Offices in residences and other non-related business sites must comply to the following standards.
  1. A designated office site must be used as a "single purpose" space during established business hours to maintain patient confidentiality.
  2. A designated office site must be in compliance with local zoning requirements for businesses, and this will be verified as a part of the credentialing process.
  3. A designated office site must have a dedicated entrance and waiting area and cannot share common space with others (business or residential). There must be a physical separation from other areas not used for business purposes.
  4. Providers with an office site in a residence, church, or another facility, which serves another function, must demonstrate that they carry general liability insurance in addition to professional liability insurance.

Monitoring and compliance

Priority Health will initiate a required pre-credentialing visit for all sites located in a residence or within a facility serving another function (for example, a church).