Michigan Medicaid plans available through Priority Health

Choose Priority Health Choice, Inc. for your Medicaid health plan. The state of Michigan pays for health care for people who have low incomes.

Find out if you qualify. We can help.

Are you looking to learn about health insurance programs for low-income Michiganders? Priority Health Choice, Inc. is approved by the State of Michigan to offer Medicaid coverage in many Michigan counties. Programs available through Priority Health are:

Medicaid, Healthy Michigan Plan, MIChild, and Children's Special Health Care Services. See a map of the counties where you can choose Priority Health for your Medicaid plan.

How to enroll in Medicaid from Priority Health:

First, go to the MIBridges website or your local Department of Human Services office and they'll help you make sure you are eligible for a Priority Health Choice plan.

Then, call MI Enrolls toll-free at 888.367.6557 (TTY 711). Ask to get your health coverage from Priority Health.

If you choose our plan, you'll get benefits that include:

  • lower peninsula of michigan

    Access to a large network of doctors

  • Sentiscope

    Preventive care and tools to stay healthy

  • Trophy icon

    Coverage from a Medicaid plan rated "Excellent"1

  • Phone

    Help with rides to and from doctor visits

  • Doctor and Patient

    Help managing problems with your health

Priority Health Choice, Inc. plans include:

  • Preventive and wellness services – get the routine care you need to stay healthy and catch issues early 
  • Doctor visits - meet with your doctor to get health advice and treatment for your symptoms and/or conditions
  • Mental health services - we provide counseling services, treatment for depression and coordinate behavioral health services such as, outpatient and inpatient care, and much more
  • Maternal Infant Health Program (MIHP) - home visiting program that promotes healthy pregnancies, positive birth outcomes, and healthy infant growth and development.
  • Family planning - learn about reproductive health care for women, men and teens, including contraceptive options, achieving your desired birth spacing and family size, and much more
  • Women’s Health - get screened for breast and cervical cancer, prenatal care
  • Dental care (coverage varies by plan) - Get general and restorative dental services, like exams, cleanings, x-rays, fillings, and crowns
  • Transportation services – help with rides to and from doctor appointments
  • Emergency services – if you have an emergency and need to call 911 or go to the emergency room
  • Hospitalization - learn more about your stay at the hospital you visit
  • Prescription drugs - learn where you can get your prescriptions
  • Laboratory services - find out what location is closest to you
  • Habilitative services - get services that help you learn and improve routine functions and daily skills

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What drugs are covered?

Learn more about the Michigan Medicaid Health Plan Common Formulary.

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Healthy Michigan Plan

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1National Commission on Quality Assurance (NCQA) Medicaid Health Insurance Plan Rankings, 2014-2015    

4001-12 Approved MHC 10312018