Well-child visits: Ages 3-6 years

Developmental screening

Your child's doctor may ask questions or play with your child to see if they’re learning basic skills on time. They’ll see how he/she moves, behaves and reacts to things. They’ll also check for important milestones throughout your child’s early years such as waving goodbye, walking or smiling. Screenings also help the doctor look for any possible developmental delays that can make it hard for your child to learn when they start school.

Body Mass Index (BMI) screening

The doctor will check BMI. They’ll also measure your child’s height and weight at each visit. This gives the doctor a better idea of how your child is growing compared to the average.

Flu shots and other immunizations

Getting a flu shot is just as important to your child as it is to you, starting at 6 months. To learn more about the flu shot and other important vaccines to keep your child healthy, see our Preventive Health Care Guidelines.