Need health care services on campus? We’ve got you covered.

With school back in session, we think you shouldn’t have to worry about where to get care while also juggling your class schedule. Which is why we’re here to help you explore your health care options so you know where to go if you need it.

There are a few ways you can access care while you’re at school:

  1. Through your primary care provider

    If you’re living at home or not too far away in the state of Michigan, get care through your primary care provider (PCP).

    If you don’t have a PCP, you can find nearby providers in your network by logging into your member account and using our Find a Doctor tool.

  2. Visit an on-campus health center

    If you’re far from home, but still in Michigan, consider visiting an on-campus health center when you’re sick. Many Michigan colleges and universities have on-campus health services that are included in your Priority Health plan. Reference the dark green Find your school box on this page for a full list of schools that accept Priority Health insurance.

    For more information on locations, hours and appointment scheduling, search your school’s website for on-campus health centers or call their student service number.

    Going to school outside of Michigan?

    If your dependent is a student: In your member account, check your plan documents for information about what kind of out-of-state care is included for dependents in your plan. If you haven't already, call the number on the back of your member ID card and provide your dependent's outside of Michigan (within the United States) address to register them as out-of-area.

    If you're a student: See below for information on emergency and urgent care services. For all other information about your benefits, check your plan documents in your member account.
  3. Through your phone or mobile device, with virtual care

    Get care from the comfort of your dorm room with virtual care. Available 24/7, virtual care is great for treating conditions like nausea, fever, cold and flu, sinus infections and more.

    Your PCP may have virtual care solutions, or you can visit your member account to access a convenient option.*

*If you’re outside the state of MI, use MDLive for virtual care.

Emergency and urgent care

Emergency and urgent care is included in your benefits no matter where you are or who you see. If you’re taken to an out-of-state hospital for an emergency or urgent care visit, the cost of care will be shared between you and your health plan.

Behavioral health services

If your plan includes coverage for mental health and substance use disorder services, outpatient visits are covered without prior authorization. Prior authorization may be necessary for more intensive services. Check your plan documents in your member account to confirm you have behavioral health services included in your plan. Contact Priority Health at 1.800.673.8043 for questions about your mental health and substance abuse benefits or help in finding services or providers.


Log in to your member account to send us a secure message or call the number on the back of your member ID card.