Express Scripts home delivery

If you take a daily maintenance medication, then using Express Scripts home delivery may be a great option for you, saving you trips to the pharmacy and with out-of-pocket costs*.

  • Regular shipping is free
  • Your first order will arrive within 14 days of when Express Scripts receives it
  • Refills arrive in 7 to 10 days

How to get started

Express Scripts has made it easy to get started:

  • Ask your doctor to e-prescribe a 3-month supply to an ‘Express Scripts Home Delivery’ pharmacy, or
  • After setting up your online account with Express Scripts, you’ll have the option to ‘Request an Rx’, or
  • Complete and mail in an Express Scripts Home Delivery order form along with your prescription and payment information

Refills are easy

There are several ways to order Express Scripts Home Delivery refills:

1. Order prescriptions online:

Access your Express Scripts account through your Priority Health Member account, or by visiting to:

  • Register your account
  • Order new prescriptions
  • Manage refills (including autofill, when available)
  • Pay with your credit card

2. Order by phone:

Call Express Scripts at 844.586.5349, toll free, 24 hours a day.

For members with hearing impairment: TTY 800.759.1089

3. Order by mail:

Express Scripts will include a form with your prescription delivery that can be used to order refills.

When you have no refills left, you may request that Express Scripts contact your doctor to find out if your prescription can be renewed.


*Check your plan documents to verify your mail order benefits

For Medicaid/Healthy Michigan Plan members: Express Scripts home delivery is available to members enrolled in group 10001 with no primary insurance coverage.