Cost Estimator disclaimer

Each price shown is only an estimate. It's based on many factors, including claims we've paid in the past. Priority Health is not responsible if this tool shows you inaccurate prices. Not all medications listed are covered by all our health plans, and some that are covered require pre-approval from Priority Health or your plan will not pay for them.

Estimated pricing is based on your plan design and is not available for all medications. Pharmacist's judgment, your doctor's instructions on how to take the medication, and applicable law may impact the actual dispensed quantity and/or days' supply you may receive. If you choose a non-preferred brand name drug when a generic equivalent is offered, you might pay more. If a non-preferred brand name drug is not authorized, you may be responsible for the difference in cost between the non-preferred brand name drug and the generic allowed amount.

Review your coverage documents to learn which services are covered for you, and discuss the information you find here with your doctor. This information is solely for use by Priority Health plan members to estimate what their costs might be for certain medications. Any other use of this information is strictly prohibited.