At Priority Health, we’re passionately committed to putting people first. That’s why we work hard every day to help our members live productive, meaningful and healthy lives. And we do it by offering the products and services they need and the personal attention they deserve. See for yourself why we’re Michigan’s fastest-growing health insurance company.

Meet five of the 996,000 reasons we put people first.

Tim Carvajal

He’s a family man.
He’s an aspiring black belt.
He’s not about to let sciatica slow him down.

It’s not often we use “back surgery” and “Brazilian jiu jitsu” in the same sentence. Thanks to Tim and his family, we can. After suffering years of sciatica and chronic back pain, Tim underwent back surgery. With the help of his loving family, Tim recovered and returned to the dojo. He even got his oldest daughter involved.

Rebecca Young

She coaches.
She plays.
She stands up to her biggest opponent: asthma.

Sports-induced asthma puts Rebecca in a tough position. Her youth soccer teams count on her to lead them to victory each week. Currently, Rebecca uses an inhaler before every game to combat her condition. Thanks to her medication, she plays goalie in a co-ed league and inspires others to compete despite breathing problems.

Angela Williams

She’s getting married next year.
She’s dropped four dress sizes.
She’s shown us that diabetes and high blood pressure are no match for healthy eating and exercise.

When Angela learned of her conditions, she made a commitment to live and eat healthier. She lost weight and gained a fun new hobby: the tango. Her passion for dance and love for those in her life help Angela maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Kimberly Baxi

She’s learning to juggle.
She’s raising two children.
She’s teaching us all what it’s like to overcome systemic lupus.

Diagnosed at just 22, former schoolteacher Kimberly underwent a series of chemo treatments to get off all medications in an effort to start a family. Today, she’s completely medicine free and a mother of two.

Grace Schmid

She likes gymnastics, softball and singing.
She loves her family.
She lives to tell others about her experience as a cancer survivor.

7-year-old Grace was just 11 months old when doctors diagnosed her with retinoblastoma. Rather than undergo chemotherapy, her family and physicians opted to remove the cancerous eye. More than six years later, Grace is busy being a kid. She also works with Relay for Life and speaks to groups about her journey.

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