Live healthier with personalized support and smart rewards

Whether you have diabetes or prediabetes, or just want some extra support, we want to help you live your healthiest life.

That’s why we've partnered with your employer to offer you PriorityCares, our personalized diabetes prevention and management program. Check your plan documents or call customer service to confirm you have access to this program.

This program includes:

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    Enhanced benefits – Annual visits, education classes and A1C tests are covered in full, even before you meet your deductible.

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    Personalized care – Our dedicated care management team is available to help you with any financial, emotional and medical needs.

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    Financial incentives – You’ll earn money for being engaged in your health care and taking steps toward an active, healthy lifestyle.

How can I earn rewards with PriorityCares?

Earning rewards is easy, with three key steps you can take right away:

  • Online health assessment: Take an online health assessment in your member account to earn $50. To get started, log in to your member account, click Healthy living then Wellbeing Hub.
  • Doctor visit: Visit your doctor and earn $50. At your visit, you can earn another $50 if you have a healthy blood pressure. And if you are at a healthy weight or are working toward a 10% weight loss from your previous plan year, you’ll earn an additional $50. (Note: these actions can happen during separate office visits within the same plan year, if needed.)
  • Get active: Check in monthly at your gym or fitness center and you can earn $10 per month for up to $120 in rewards.

How do I receive my reward?

You'll receive a Visa reward card after you earn your first incentive. Then, the amount for each additional reward you earn will be automatically loaded to your card. It’s important to keep your Visa card so you can keep using your rewards as they're added throughout your plan year.

Besides rewards, are there other benefits to this program?

Yes, rewards are just one part of PriorityCares. In addition to incentives, you'll enjoy enhanced benefits and personalized care. This means:

  • Access to diabetic supplies and medications at reduced costs. Plus, a FREE OneTouch blood sugar meter.
  • Services covered at no cost to you: annual checkup and diabetes visit, A1C tests and diabetes education classes for support—in-person or online.
  • Additional cost savings with any diabetes-related specialist visits covered at the same cost as a primary care provider (PCP) visit.
  • A dedicated care manager available to help you along the way. Our care managers are here to support you with any financial, emotional and medical needs. You can reach your Priority Health Care Manager whenever you need help by calling 800.998.1037, option 4.

Do I have to participate?

No, this program is completely optional.

Will this affect my health coverage?

No, this program will not impact your current health coverage whether you choose to participate or not.

How do I earn rewards for being active at my gym or fitness center?

Earning rewards for staying active is easy. Just set up your account through our partner, Exercise Rewards, and track your activity online. You can earn $10 per month up to $120 per year for staying active. Log in to your online account for more information around eligibility for the reward.

Track your activity in one of these 3 ways:

  1. Check in through your online Exercise Rewards account when you visit your local fitness center
  2. Connect your wearable fitness tracker to the Exercise Rewards app to track your activity in real time 
  3. Manually track through paper log, the visit submission form and requirements can be found in your online account  

Set up or log into your Exercise Rewards account here to get started tracking your activity and earning rewards.

Note: Rewards for activity tracking are fulfilled through Exercise Rewards, not your Priority Health reward card.

How do I get my free monitor?

You can get your free OneTouch meter by calling 888.883.4252 and using code 515ESI002.

How do I complete my health assessment?

Take the online health assessment in your member account to earn your first reward of $50. Get started now by logging in, then click Healthy living then Wellbeing Hub.