Video library for health care providers

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Webcasts and educational videos

Play Web tools and resources
An overview of Priority Health online tools for network providers (9 min.)

Play Claims, billing, appeals and authorizations
A closer look at our online tools (10 min.)

Play Health reform and providers: Your role as providers (24 min.)

Play Provider identity theft
A three-part interview with the director of the CMS Center of Program Integrity, discussing how to recognize, report and prevent fraudulent use of your medical identification information. (17 min.)

Play  Senior Care Education: Your key to improving physical and mental health in 2015
Educate your senior patients take better care of themselves (11 min.)

Working with us: A guide for DME providers
Play Working with us
A guide for DME providers (9 min.)

Virtual Office Advisory Forum recordings

March 2017 Virtual Office Advisory Forum recording
Play March 2017 VOA Forum (57 min.)
CPC+, diagnosis coding, Healthy Michigan Plan HRA, Clear Coverage prior authorizations

Play February 2017 VOA Medicaid updates (31 min.)

Play January 2017 VOA Forum (55 min.)
Clear Coverage prior authorizations, CPC+ update, SIM update, and Medicare MOON

Play December 2016 VOA Forum (37 min.)
Specialty engagement, new auth and Emmi® processes, changes to the PCP Incentive Program for 2017

Play December 2016 Maternal-Infant Health Program orientation (32 min.)

September 2016 Provider Virtual Office Advisory Forum recording
Play September 2016 VOA Forum recording (40 min.)
New NDC requirement, provider directory listing requirements, HEDIS® 2017 overview.

2017 PCP Incentive Program: Predictive model for care management targeting (34 min.)

Online tool demonstration videos

Learn the basics of using Priority Health online tools for providers in these brief videos.

Tool Accessible to Function
Healthcare Bluebook Practice staff and clinicians Access this online transparency tool so you can engage patients in conversations about cost and quality of care.
PlayWatch the Healthcare Bluebook tool demo (3 min.)
Member Inquiry Primary care providers, specialists, hospitals Review copays, deductibles, HRA information, contract history, and contact information.
Watch the Member Inquiry tool demo (3 min. 45 sec.)
Claims All providers Claim Status and Pended Claims reports. Obtain Remittance Advice using claim search options. Claims shown are unique to the provider. 
Watch the Claims Inquiry tool demo (4 min. 30 sec.)
Authorization Inquiry
Primary care providers, specialists, hospitals Inquire about the status of pending authorizations. 
Watch the Authorization Inquiry tool demo (2 min.)
Patient Profile
Primary care providers, hospitals, limited specialist access Search for information by patient or by health condition. Manage the preventive health and chronic conditions of your patients. 
Watch the Patient Profile tool demo (4 min. 38 sec.)
Rx Inquiry
Primary care providers, limited specialist access View patient prescription utilization from multiple physicians and pharmacies.
Identify alternative drugs and clinical alerts.
PlayWatch the Rx Inquiry tool demo (2 min. 45 sec.)
Filemart Primary care providers, specialists, hospitals
Download Remittance Advices and other files that you might otherwise receive on diskette, paper, or other manual methods. 
Watch the Filemart demo (2 min.)

Last modified: 3/28/2017
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